Acoustic Foam Walls interior bricks

Acoustic spray foam systems for walls

The exterior walls (facades) of a building can be insulated acoustically to prevent outside noise from penetrating the building. The acoustic comfort inside a building is key for the well-being of its occupants.

To get the required performance, according to regulations and the desired interior comfort level, Synthesia Internacional has produced “Phono Spray S-904“. It is an open-cell, low density polyurethane system for thermoacoustic, airborne sound insulation for facades and interior walls.

Acoustic Foam insulation

Acoustic solutions for facades

For facades, we combine a layer of waterproof closed-cell polyurethane foam – Poliuretan S Spray foam, with a layer of open-cell Phono Spray S-904 thermoacoustic foam, thereby achieving a unique waterproof and thermoacoustic continuous solution applied in-situ. This provides an acoustic insulation level of between 45 and 60 dBA.

Acoustic Foam Facade

Examples of thermal and acoustic insulation in facades with Poliuretan S Spray foam and Phono Spray S-904

Acoustic solutions for interior walls

Phono Spray S-904 can also be applied in interior walls and partitions of houses and office buildings and other sectors. The application of acoustic insulation gives privacy and improves habitability.

Phono Spray S-904 can be applied to both masonry and dry lining structures.

Phono Spray S-904 in masonry achieves air sound insulation between 46 to 60 dBA.

Acoustic Foam Walls interior bricks


Phono Spray S-904 in dry lining achieves air sound insulation between 37 and 45 dBA.

Acoustic Foam Walls interior


Interested in this polyurethane system? You can download the guide of thermoacoustic insulation solutions: