Timber frame walls and Concrete Ground Floors with spray applied polyurethane foam

Timber frame walls and Concrete Ground Floors with spray applied polyurethane foam

Properties insulated with spray foam have achieved air permeability of better than 3m3/m2/hr 50PA making it easier to attain compliance to the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The superior insulation value of spray applied closed cell polyurethane foam means that less thickness is required to achieve optimum results. Timber frame constructions can have the foam applied in the factory or on site in a quick and economical process.

Poliuretan Spray® is applied directly between the 89mm or 140mm studs onto the OSB plywood. The 89mm stud is sufficient to meet the usual thermal standards. Air leakage is minimised and sound attenuation improved.

Polyurethane foams are hypoallergenic; contain no fibres or dust and no noxious vapours. PU foam is very quick to install and minimises on overhead costs and site waste. Foil-faced plasterboards give better thermal performance and water vapour resistance.

Timber frame walls

Spray applied polyurethane foam between timber studs, directly onto OSB ply.

Insulation thickness: 75mm to 190mm

U-values: 0.27W/m² K 0.10W/m²K

Condensation risk: Zero

Concrete Ground Floors

Spray applied polyurethane foam directly to concrete ground floor.

Insulation thickness: 100mm to 200mm

U Values: 0.22W/m²K to 0.10W/m²K.



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BBA Certificate No. 15/5243. Synthesia Range of Insulation


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