Floor insulation injected

Floor insulation

Insulating the ground floor will save you about £45 – £55 a year, and you can seal the gaps between floors and skirting boards also to reduce draughts. The most common ground floor construction in France is spray foam applied directly to the concrete base.

Floor Insulation

The depth of foam depends of U-Value requirement, in case of Synthesia Internacional products, with 50mm-70mm you obtain among 0.16W/m²K and 0.22W/m²K, which is an optimal insulation.

Solutions for floor insulation

There are at least three techniques to minimise thermal bridging with insulation around floors.

floors insulation

Insulated cavity wall is a good solution because is the most complete and guarantees the fulfillment of the requirements of energy efficiency. This solution is possible in buildings already constructed thanks to the injected polyurethane.

In case of new constructions, the Foam Spray Insulation guarantees a constant isolation, without fissures or thermal bridges. It is the insulating material more profitable for his technical presentations and for the durability that offers to the constructive system.

Synthesia Range Of Insulation For Floors. BBA Certificated.

This Agrément Certificate Product Sheet relates to the Synthesia Range of Insulation for Floors, spray-applied in-situ thermal insulation for suspended timber ground floors and concrete ground floors of new and existing domestic buildings.

You can check more information about our range of insulation for floors (Building Regulation, Design Considerations, Thermal Performance, Installation…)  in the following document.

Synthesia Range Of Insulation For Floors. BBA Certificated from SynthesiaInternacional


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