Why to insulate floors?

Why to insulate floors?

External noise penetrates houses through windows, doors, walls, floors and every element of the building’s envelope. This is when you can hear impact noise coming from the room above you, such as footsteps, furniture dragging, and items dropping. It’s always best to reduce the noise as close to the source as possible.

In most cases, the mass of a concrete based floor accounts for the airborne sound that needs to be eliminated to conform with the required acoustic values, which leaves impact sound to be resolved.

The polyurethane system

Phono Spray S-907 is a sprayed polyurethane system for thermal and acoustic insulation against impact and airborne noise in different floors and slabs solutions:

  • It is an open-cell high-density foam. Applied Density: 60 ± 10 kg/m3
  • Its porosity and elasticity make it an ideal material for insulation from impact noise from flooring or slabs.
  • Dynamic Stiffness: s’ = 17,76 MN/m3
  • It is a good thermal insulating material. λ = 0,036 W/mK.
  • Resistance to Compression (10%), 30 kPa.
  • Expected Deformation to ten years –> 7%.

Cases and solutions

The required acoustic insulation from impact noise on premises should not be more than 65 dB since impact noise level between office premises and premises with activity or facilities cannot exceed 60dB.

Test and measurement

insulation floors

spray foam insulation floors

Building Solutions

Slabbing + Phono Spray S-907 20mm + Mortar 50mm, standard slab

Building solution floors


 Do you want to learn more on acoustic insulation solutions? You can download the guide: