Lanford Farm Barns walls

Internal wall insulation

Buildings lose energy throught their envelope if they are not insulated or if the insulation is poor. There are several benefits of an external insulation, but in some cases this type of insulation is not feasible, and it is necessary to resort to internal insulation.

Lanford Farm Barns walls

Nearly half of all the heat lost from some solid-walled houses escapes through walls. Insulating these walls will slow down the rate at which heat is lost and keep the warmth inside the home for a longer time.

Internal wall insulation system

Some of the advantages of general insulation are increased savings on heating bills, reduction of CO2 emissions and improved value of the home. But internal wall insulation offers other advantages.

It is generally cheaper to install than external insulation due to the lower cost of materials and labour. Besides, the project can be carried out room by room: a typical 3-bedroom semi-detached house using gas heating could save around £260 per year on heating bills by installing internal wall insulation, whereas a detached house heating with oil could save around £450 per year.


Why spray foam for wall insulation?

Polyurethane spray foam can be used with any type of building framing (wood, concrete, brick, etc.) and, due to the fact that spray foam is PH neutral, it does not corrode.

The use of spray foam insulation as interior wall insulation helps to save energy and:

  • Protects against the ingress of pollutants and moisture.
  • Seals around penetrations, breaks and joints within the cavity.
  • Protects against the mass transfer of moisture, thereby adding protection against the risk of condensation, particularly ideal for spaces that have controlled environments such as server rooms or plant rooms.

The result of this internal wall insulation is an extremely high performance wall assembly that outperforms any other traditionally insulated wall system.

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