Roof insulation

Pitched roof insulation and stabilisation

There are different roof insulation types and systems, but Synthesia Internacional roof stabilisation system (BBA approved) insulates and locks all roof tiles, providing a maintenance-free roof for many years. Spray foam insulation can be applied between the roof rafters to insulate the roof in newly converted lofts or in new builds.

Polyurethane system: Roof insulation and stabilisation

Most houses are fitted with a high thickness of insulation at ceiling level, but using our method can achieve a optimal U-Value and still maintain a usuable space within your loft. Our spray foam system can allow you to comply with current building regulations so that there is no need to modify your roof structure.

Spray applied foam helps to meet Building Regulations Approved Documents L and F (England & Wales). The Building (Scotland) Regulations and The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland).

Benefits of Synthesia Internacioanl polyurethane roof insulation systems

The roof should be structurally sound and, should it have any defects, they must be resolved prior to the insulation. After this check, some of benefits of roof insulation are:

  • High insulation values.
  • Meets thermal performance requirements of the current Building Regulation.
  • Saves the equivalent of more than one tonne of CO2 per year by reducing energy consumption
  • Prevents condensation: complies with Code of Practice for Control of Condensation in Buildings
  • The foam acts as a protective barrier, preventing the ingress of wind-driven rain and snow and will provide more resistance against storm or impact damage.
  • Better air quality.
  • Recommended for those suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems.

And two remarkable benefits of spray insulation: Energy efficiency and Sustainability. The continuous spray leaves a minimal amount of surface area without insulation resulting in a decrease in thermal transmission and an airtight building envelope of low permeability. This system prolongs the building life as it protects against premature deterioration of building materials.

polyurethane roof insulation stabilisation

Roof stabilisation

Spray foam insulation isn’t only ideal for insulation, it is the best solution for roofs suffering from nail fatigue. What is nail fatigue? It is the corrosion of the nails, which hold slates in place. Spray foam is widely used to stabilise tiles and slates in a cost effective manner and thus avoid a costly re-roofing. The foam is sprayed onto the underside of the tiles and battens where it bonds strongly, creating a water-proof and very stable structure, that will prevent the ingress of wind driven rain and snow.

For more information please see the official document BBA Certificate where all information from this polyurethane system is collected.


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