Insulation walls

Polyurethan system for Walls awarded BBA approval

Synthesia UK range of insulation for walls has been awarded The British Board of Agrément (BBA) certificate, among other polyurethane systems they have also been certified.

The Synthesia Range of Insulation for Walls consists of Poliuretan Spray RF-352D and Poliuretan Spray S-353E, closed-cell polyurethane foams suitable for application between the inner leaf studs of conventional timber-frame cavity walls with a masonry outer skin, or to the internal surface of external solid masonry walls in combination with a dry-lining system.

The structure of closed-cell spray foam insulation is more compact than others insulations materials. It is both an air barrier, water-resistant, and acts as a vapor control layer. Also, this insulation system can be installed in roofs and ground floors.


Optimal insulation with Synthesia Polyurethane System

Poliuretan Spray is a versatile insulant used in a wide variety of applications from floors and roofs to walls and ceilings. The nature of this specific application technique makes it especially good for retrofitting. When applied to interior or exterior walls, Poliuretan Spray saves on energy costs by providing excellent thermal insulation as well as sealing gaps and spaces in the existing construction. Acting as an air and vapour control layer, this insulation system blocks moisture infiltration and condensation inside wall cavities.

Typical solid masonry wall application

The Synthesia Range of Insulation for Walls is satisfactory for use in reducing the thermal transmittance (U value) of walls of dwellings or similar buildings. The products can be used as insulation between the inner leaf studs of conventional timber-frame cavity walls and a masonry outer skin, with a clear cavity between the insulation and internal plasterboard lining or as insulation applied to the internal surface of solid masonry walls in between timber battens, and finished with plasterboard, as a dry-lining system.

Insulation: The U value

The K value Synthesia foams vary from 0.25W/mK to 0.28W/mK depending on the thickness applied. This is much more efficient than some of the other common insulation materials and the air tightness is second to none. U Values to current regulations can be achieved with thinner sections.


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